Application Security

Application Security is given a higher priority - this affects the regulated sectors like medical, automotive, defense, aerospace etc. as well as other security-sensitive systems for example in the sector finance. The focus is no longer only how to safely develop an app it's increasingly about how to keep it safe over the whole lifecycle.

Intellecutal Property - how do I defend from Software piracy?
Different tools are offering the possibility of Reverse Engineering. Software could be converted easily into code without protection. Implemented processes, architecture and design are visible and could be copied or changed harmfully.

A safe way of communitcation safes data from manipulation during the transfer but what about internal manipulation? Without integrated mechanisms against tampering the code of a software isn't safed against harmful changes. If architecture and processes are known harmful characteristics can be produced or data could get stolen by bringing in malware. Both is a high safety risk.

You can learn in exciting talks at the Application Security Day what security is all about, what kind of security holes are there and how you can safe yourself from attacks and harmful manipulation!

About the HLMC Days

The HLMC Events GmbH is charaterised by organising big conferences that could be established on the market. For example the MedConf (, the Manage Agile (, the ShareConf ( and the REConf (

The HLMC will add another "product" to it's portfolio from autumn 2016: The HLMC Days. This are full day events with a dedicated focus on a special topic being handled on the verge of the other conferences.

The HLMC Events GmbH wants to address attendees without enough time to visit two or three day events with the HLMC Days.  Also of interest are attendees who want to network intensively with other attendees about the topic of the HLMC Day. The networking amongst each other is forgrounded like on the other events of the HLMC.
A HLMC Day is completed by a little exhibition of product and service companies presenting apprpiate solutions for the topic of the day.

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